Saturday, January 4, 2014

My uVA ranking

My current ranking in uVA is around 22000+. It is very far from top coders such as Steven Halim and Felix Halim. Am not sure if these guys are brothers. Steven Halim teaches in some university, I think, in Singapore. These guys are very popular names in uVA and uHunt and I think they have authored programming books catered for programming competitions.

There's this guy Josh Bao who ranks number 1 in the list:  I did some searching on him and he happens to be a google software chief engineer. He also happens to have a PhD. Did not know that Google was into hiring PhDs. Anyway, Josh Bao has over 4000+ solved problems. Me, on the other hand, only have 20+. He also studied in the Caltech. He must be born genius. Wish I were as gifted as him, but if I were as gifted as him, I would probably be super duper proud. If now that I don't have half his brain, I am already super proud, how much more if I were as intelligently gifted as he is. God has his reasons.


  1. What is your ranking now? One important thing about Josh Bao is, I found that, in the first 7 years he solved around 600 problems. But, In the next 8 years he solved around 3600 !!! So, don't worry about numbers and time. Just keep practicing. I am also like you and found your writing similar with my mind and status. Have fun in programming!